A good Dry-rack is hard to find!

As motor-homers, we have tried many tricks to get our stuff dry,  especially during New Zealand winter months.

The problems

We fitted enameled scissor-type dry-racks to the outside. These lasted for around 8 years. By then the NZ sun had removed some enamel and the humidity turned the racks into rusty wrecks. Apart from that, the NZ Motor-Caravan Association rules state that NO outside racks are allowed anyway. So I removed the left-overs from the bus and repaired the paint job.

The answer

This set us back to square one. But not for long. I stumbled upon an amazing dry-rack. It comes with suction cups to hold it to the wall. Now, I was very skeptical about that concept… until I had it for around 9 months and it was still sitting in the same place I put it up originally.

I was amazed to say the least. It is octopussed onto the shower/bathroom wall. This poor rack is getting heat and cold and wet and dry and some. Yet it stayed put to this day since September 2016.

It is so compact that when you don’t use it, you almost forget that it exists. It can take a fair load. It is rustproof Plastic/Stainless Steel construction and of course you don’t need to drill holes anywhere to fit it.

What more can you ask for when living in a motor-home? Bu the way, it comes at a price that is negligible for the quality and use you get from it.

Well, there is another item that you can also ask for. See this post on the electric 12v/240v super compact high speed dryer which assists in drying your stuff before hanging on the dry-reack.

This has a twofold benefit. Your washing will dry way faster and it is way lighter on the rack.

The product

To get a closer look at  the Dry-Rack, just click here:  Dry-Rack


For those that invest in one of these, please return and leave us a comment.


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2 thoughts on “A good Dry-rack is hard to find!”

  1. Hi Noah! I appreciate I have found your site because you only recommend products you have tested yourself. And by doing so you save us time and avoid us the headache of things that don’t work.

    I have had some uncomfortable experiences with dry-racks in the past that were made of poor quality materials and unable to hold more than a few items.

    It’s great to hear this dry-rack, even though it comes with suction cups, has remained in place since September 2016 up to this day. I would also be a bit skeptical if it were not for your experience using it.

    I also like the fact that it’s compact and it can take a fair load. I made up my mind when I read it does the job and it’s so compact that it remains unnoticed when not using it. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Henry, welcome to our site! You hit the nail right on the head. We are very quality conscious and therefore try to test everything thoroughly before it goes to a customer. To be honest with you, we did have one towel rack that broke a suction cup bolt after 3 years but it is replaceable for under $10. Just contact us anytime you need.

      Kind regards

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