The magic economy elelctric RV clothes dryer finally arrived!

As stated in a previous post, drying clothes is no joke when it comes to New Zealand RV life. In this post we look at the best of  electric clothes dryers and what the ideal features are.

The experience

Having owned a twin tub RV washing machine, again I speak from experience. It was a good machine that we used very seldom. You may wonder why, or maybe you know why. The reason is common. It is such a schlep to dig it out of the tow vehicle and set it up that we made use of the Adam and Eve way most of the time: That has NOTHING to do with what you are thinking, OK? We used the “plunger and bucket” method, until we found one of these.

Now I have a happy wife and a happy life again. I’m even allowed to sleep on the bed 🙂 LOL. So for those of you that are in the dog box, this is an ideal gift for her birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary or just to get in the good books again (or out of the dog box?).

The product features

The machine is mainly made from plastic for good reasonMini spin dryer

  • It does not rust.
  • It is light weight (2kg).
  • It is tough and flexible.
  • It is affordable.
  • It lasts long.
  • It does not conduct electricity (safe to operate).
  • It spins very fast (1300 rpm) (Clothes dry within hours after spinning).
  • Spin time up to 5 minutes (quick).
  • 12v and 240v models.

Just click the picture to go to the product page.


We found that using this is so much easier than the twin-tub. You can set it on the kitchen bench and run the water into the sink or do the job in the shower tray/bath or outside. There is no mess. It dries way better than the slower running twin-tub dryers. It is not too fast that it will crease your clothes permanently.

If I had this when I started out on my motor-home/RV life, many days would have been more fun and less work.

Note: Always check the details of the product regarding your power supply. Many products are only running 110v!


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