RVMega and you the Customer

This agreement is based on RVMega trading as rvmega.com retailer and you the customer.
RVMega invites you to buy. When you order an item using the RVMega website, this is an offer by you to buy in accordance with these terms and conditions. On acceptance of the offer the contract is formed and the goods are dispatched after payment received.

Customer Responsibility

The Customer is responsible for providing all the correct information so that the order can be processed correctly, including correct name, email and shipping addresses.

RVMega is not responsible for items that are lost in transit as a result of incorrect delivery address provided by you the customer, including delivery addresses that are ‘care of’ the customer.

In the event the delivery is unsuccessful by RVMega’s courier partner due to delivery address accessibility, special entry instructions, or the customer is not available at the time of delivery. The customer agrees to contact RVMega’s courier partner directly to make arrangements and provide special instructions for re-delivery. RVMega can only ship your goods to the address provided and is not responsible for any complications that may arise due to building or location accessibility.

The Customer agrees that they are buying the item to be used for its intended use and within the manufacturer’s specifications, including and not limited to; power rating, charge rating, discharge rating, physical dimensions, weight, and temperature and max current.

The Customer agrees that they are qualified to be using the product and are purchasing the item with full understanding of the products limitations and its specific designed application.

No assignment

The Customer cannot assign or transfer this contract without our prior written consent.

RVMega Responsibility

RVMega agrees to provide you the item you have purchased in 100 percent new and working condition (unless specified).

RVMega is not responsible for any damage or injury as a result of the Customer’s misuse of the product, including and not limited to:
Incorrect charging of batteries.

Incorrect connecting of equipment.
Not adhering to recommended safety measures for the specific product.
Leaving charging batteries unattended.
Placing the item under excessive charge currents and voltages outside of its design.
Damage as a result of alteration made to the product, case, wiring and electrics.

RVMega is not liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising from connection with anything beyond our control, or an Act of God. By this we mean natural or man-made disasters such as but not limited to earthquakes, fires and floods. This could also mean civil commotion, government intervention, transport delays, accidents, labour disputes and anything else beyond our reasonable control.


RVMega will only dispatch an order when payment is confirmed.

RVMega only uses a tracked courier service.

For direct credit payments please allow one full business day for your payment to appear in RVMega’s account. If an order is placed on a weekend or public holiday the payment won’t appear in RVMega’s account until one full business day. If an order is placed and paid for via direct credit on a weekend, payment will appear in RVMega’s account on the following Tuesday.

RVMega reserves the right to cancel the order or charge extra if the correct postal code is classified by NZ Post or our courier partner as a rural address except when specified otherwise.

Shipping Cost

RVMega’s shipping price is generally calculated based on the destination post code and the total weight of all the items in your shopping cart. This includes rural delivery surcharges. Please ensure that you provide the correct post code. In processing your order we check post codes and if we discover that you have used incorrect post code we will either contact you for correct shipping charges or cancel the order all together.

Incorrect shipping details provided will cause unnecessary delays for your order. Please ensure you select the right post code. If you are unsure what your post code is, you can find out on the NZ Post website by entering your street address.

Shipping cost to Australian addresses are automatically calculated based on shopping cart weight and the destination Australian State and Australian post code.

Free Shipping Promotions

RVMega Free shipping promotion only applies for standard size items to New Zealand North Island and South Island addresses.

Special Delivery Instructions

RVMega cannot always provide special shipping instructions to our local courier driver. This includes andis  not limited to exact delivery times or very detailed instructions about delivery location.

This is due to the volume of orders picked up daily and the courier services network is unable to attach specific instruction to individual parcels. However we can provide tracking details where available so that you can contact the courier company directly should you have specific requirements around delivery time or finding your location requires special instructions.

Delivery Time

Delivery time depends on customer location and/or destination address.

Delivery time for North Island can range from 1-4 days after it has been dispatched.
Delivery time for South Island can range from 2-7 days after it has been dispatched.

Back orders can take in the region of 14 to 40 days depending on product and order quantities.

Rural deliveries time will depend on delivery location. Up to an additional 5 days delivery time may apply for some rural addresses.

Dangerous goods such as lead acid batteries are required to be sent with a dangerous goods certified carrier. Dangerous goods process takes 1-2 days longer than conventional courier service.

Where possible, RVMega will dispatch your goods the same day payment is received.

PO Box Delivery

RVMega’s courier partner cannot deliver to a PO Box address. We can only deliver your goods to a physical address.

RVMega is not responsible for any delay in dispatching as a result of a PO Box address being the only address provided by the Customer for delivery.

Rural Delivery

An additional rural surcharge will be automatically added to the shipping costs for all rural deliveries.

Rural delivery charge applies when the destination address and post code is labeled as a rural address by NZ post and or our NZ courier partner.

RVMega does not have control on what address is labeled as rural address by NZ post or our courier partner. Customer is required to contact NZ Post or our courier partner directly if customer feels their delivery address has been incorrectly labeled as a rural address.

Rural delivery times will depend on your location. Please allow up to an additional 5 days for delivery to a rural address.

International Delivery

RVMega currently only ships to NZ, Australian and USA addresses. 

RVMega reserves the right to cancel any orders placed outside of New Zealand although we endeavor to service all customer orders where possible. Where supply of the item ordered is compromised in any way, the order will be cancelled and your full payment returned.

Damage in Transit

If you’ve received an incorrect order or it has been damaged in transit, please tell us within 5 days of receiving the item. If you don’t, then it will be taken that you agree that the correct goods have been delivered and that they are in good order (this doesn’t affect any Consumer Guarantees Act rights).


If an order is placed on the RVMega store and not paid for within 3 days of the order date, RVMega reserves the right to cancel the order and return that stock back into current inventory, where it will be available for purchase by another customer.

RVMega is not responsible for any loss or delay if the unpaid order is sold to another customer.


General Returns

You may return an item in original packaging, sealed and unused within 5 days of purchase.

RVMega reserves the right to accept your return based on the condition of the returned goods. RVMega will not accept returns of any product that has damaged packaging or missing components or shows signs of usage or misuse.

Returns can only be processed once the item is inspected by RVMega and deemed to be in completely new and original condition.

In the event the customer has had a change of mind, the customer is liable for the cost of the return courier charges for the item to be sent back to RVMega or RVMega’s supplier. Freight charges are non-refundable.

The customer is responsible for the goods and their value until the items have arrived at RVMega or RVMega supplier’s warehouse. No refund will be processed if the goods are lost in transit en route back to RVMega.

RVMega reserves the right to charge a 15 percent restocking fee for returns that are related to a change of mind by the customer. Freight charges are not refundable.

Refunds will not be provided if the item has:
Been used or is missing packaging, manuals or any of the original components, including and not limited to; cables, stickers and warranty cards.
Batteries that have been used, charged, discharged or have had their main connector altered, whether this was done by the Customer or by RVMega with instruction from the Customer.

If you have received the incorrect item as a result of RVMega’s mistake, RVMega will pay for the cost of the return shipping, as well as the cost of shipping the correct item.

Lipo Battery Returns

RVMega is a responsible and fair retailer who abides by the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act. Lipo batteries are classified as a consumable item. If they have been used, charged, discharged or altered in any way, they are no longer new and cannot be returned.

You may return an unused lipo battery in original packaging with original connectors within 7 days of date of purchase for a refund. RVMega reserves the right to charge 15 percent restocking fee.

Lead Acid Battery Returns

RVMega is a responsible and fair retailer who abides by the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act. We will provide refund for a lead acid battery that is in new condition, has not be used, charged or does not have any cosmetic damage from installation.

RVMega will not refund your lead acid battery purchase if the battery:
Has been used, charged or discharged.
Carries any minor or major cosmetic damage.
Shows signs of stress as a result of large currents and/or heat placed on the item.

You may return an unused lipo battery in original packaging with original connectors within 7 days of date of purchase for a refund. RVMega reserves the right to charge 15 percent restocking fee.

General Warranty

RVMega is a responsible and fair retailer who abides by the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act. All our items carry standard manufacturer warranty. Warranty period differs depending on a product and/or manufacturer.

RVMega requires faulty item under warranty to be returned for inspection before the warranty process begins and refund or replacements can be issued. This will be to either RVMega’s offices or one of RVMega’s supplier’s head offices.

Warranty inspection will take a minimum of 5 business days, at the end of which RVMega will contact you with an update regarding your warranty and the next step involved.
In some cases testing is required to establish where the failure of the product occurred and that any replacements RVMega provides will suit the end user application.

Battery Charger Warranty

Our battery chargers and power supplies carry a 12 month warranty. Some models and brands carry a 24 month warranty. Warranty will be void if the product has been:
Used incorrectly, such as, with higher voltage or current than specified. The Product shows visible damage due to heat
Damaged as a result of impact.
Opened or altered in any way.

Lead Acid Battery Warranty

RVMega’s Lead Acid Battery range warranty period is between 1-5 years depending on the model.

Warranty will be void if the battery has been used in a manner that it is not specifically designed for, including and not limited to the battery being:
Discharged beyond its recommended discharge state.
Charged with a charger that is not designed to charge that specific type of battery.
Charged at a higher current than specified in product data sheets.
Placed under a much larger current than designed for, or specified in the battery data sheet.
Used in an application that the battery is not specifically designed for, such as, using a deep cycle battery for engine starting or fully discharging a battery that is not designed for deep discharge state.

Lipo Battery Warranty

RVMega is a responsible and fair retailer who abides by the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act. If your Lipo battery has failed during normal use within 30 days of purchase date, it will be covered by warranty. Warranty will be void if the battery has been used beyond its recommended rating, used incorrectly or in a manner other than what it is designed for, including and not limited to the battery being;

Charged without a lipo charger.
Charged beyond its full charge voltage, or with a higher current than specified by the manufacturer.
Discharged past its safe threshold of 3.1v per cell.
Discharged at a higher current than its manufacturer specified discharge rating (C rating).
Damaged due to impact or a crash.
Short circuited or showing any visible signs of heat.


The prices quoted on the website are related to the particular stock we have available at that time.

Prices may change from day to day depending on supply and other normal cost bearing factors such as international exchange rates and fuel surcharges that could affect international freight.

Once you have purchased an item at the price quoted, RVMega will supply the item at this price depending on availability.


Out of Stock Items

Products are stored in RVMega warehouse or internationally by drop shipping.

We take great care to make sure our stock levels and availability are as accurate as possible. However, due to the nature of real time online ecommerce, there may be rare occasions where the item you have purchased is out of stock. In this event RVMega will offer a full refund or backorder option.

Credit Card Authorization

RVMega is a strong supporter of safe and sensible online credit card transactions and reduction of credit card fraud therefore we have all transactions professionally handled by PayPal which is likely the most reputable and safest way of trading online.

RVMega reserves the right to hold your order until it can confirm that the credit card details are legitimate and the purchase is made with the full knowledge of the card holder. This process is here to reduce credit card fraud and is to stop unauthorized people using your card.

RVMega reserves the right to decline an order made by a credit card that is registered at an international bank.

RVMega reserves the right to decline an order made by a credit card if the customer is unable to supply further security details.

RVMega is not responsible for any delays directly relating to bank and credit card checks.

Lithium Battery Customer Responsibility

The customer and its representatives hereby acknowledge and agree to the following with respect to purchase of lithium based unprotected cells from RVMega. Including Lipo (lithium Polymer), LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and Lithium Ion (li-ion). The customer agrees that:

They will not hold RVMega (the supplier and direct importer) liable for any loss or damage sustained or arising from the use of these products.

They understand all safety requirements and precautions relating to use, charge and storage of these devices and will not hold RVMega or its agents liable as a result of any damage or injury resulting from improper use or charging of these products.

They shall be solely responsible for compliance with all health, safety and environmental requirements arising from the manufacture, assembly, sale use and or disposal of the products and or finished products.

They will follow specific instructions as specified by the original manufacturer of these lithium battery products.

They indemnify RVMega and all of its agents in respect of any claim or demand made or action commenced by any person or entity against RVMega or for which RVMega is liable in connection with any loss or damage suffered in connection with the manufacture, assembly, sales, use and/or disposal of the products and/or finished products.

Brand Names and Trade Marks

All brand names, trade marks, third party company & business names and/or any other term or reference which could be related to a particular company, business, trade mark or brand remain the property (where applicable) of those companies represented by those names or trademarks. Any reference other than for purposes of marketing or other uses where RVMega is representative and/or empowered for use of such brands, trade marks or names are used for cross referencing or product identification purposes only. In no way is the use of any such brands, names and trademarks either implied or to be interpreted as RVMega representing those brands, companies, trade marks or names and having any rights to products and/or services available or provided by the said companies, brands, trade marks or names.

Battery Use, Safety and Terms

For the purpose of this document Li-Ion (lithium Ion and Lithium Ion Phosphate), Lipo (Lithium Polymer), NiXX (Nicked Cadmium and Nickel Metal hydride), Lead Acid and any other chemistry of batteries will be described as “batteries”.

Handling and Storage

Never alter, puncture or impact batteries and related components.
Never directly connect the terminal to metal (or conductive) objects. This will cause short circuit to the batteries, causing large battery discharge, heat, smoke and or fire.
Never store loose batteries together. This can cause short circuit across the battery terminals which will result in battery discharge, high heat and or fire.
Never expose batteries to high temperatures or direct sunlight.
Always verify battery voltage and per cell battery voltage (for lithium packs) if the battery has been in storage for long periods of time.
Always charge batteries in fireproof, non-conductive, approved fire proof charge bag.
For best results store batteries between 50-75 percent of the battery capacity. Or alternatively follow the manufacturer specifications if they have different preferred storage instructions.

Before First Charge

Examine the battery closely for any physical defects, loose wires or packaging, or any other irregularity which may cause short circuit.
Verify that the positive terminal of the battery and the negative terminal of the battery are correctly connected to the chargers positive and negative terminal and that this is not the wrong way around. Use a voltmeter if unsure.
Check the voltage of the battery to make sure that the battery voltage is the same as listed by manufacturer.


Always refer to your chargers instruction manual for correct charging process best suited for your chosen battery. In addition to your chargers instructions, the below guideline must be followed at all times.

Always make certain that the charger and the charger setting is suitable for your type of battery chemistry.
When charging lithium based batteries or battery packs, ensure balance mode is selected at all times.
Always charge batteries in an open area away from any flammable liquids, chemicals or material.
Never charge any battery while it is inside a model or device.
Never charge a battery that is too hot to touch (above 60-80 Degrees Celsius). Do not handle the battery until it has cooled down.
Always ensure your battery charger is set to the correct cell count, voltage and current suitable for the battery.
Always check the battery voltage before charging to ensure that the battery voltage is above the safe voltage level and that the battery is still in normal condition from last use.
Never charge batteries past the capacity provided by the battery manufacturer and specified on battery label.


If at any time the batteries become damaged, hot, begin to swell or start displaying any other out of the ordinary characteristics, immediately stop using the battery (whether in use or in charge). Quickly disconnect battery from all components, model, charger and or charger board. Place the batteries in a safe open area away from any flammable objects in an approved fireproof safety bag.
Do not handle the battery, attempt to use the battery, attempt to recharge the battery or ship the battery. Failure to follow this can result in personal or property damage.
Keep batteries away from children. Children using batteries in a model or a device must always be supervised by an adult.

Discharging and Using Battery

Never discharge any type of battery at higher current than rated on the battery label or specified by the battery manufacturer.
Never allow for the battery temperature to exceed the safe temperature of the battery as specified by the manufacturer.
Never discharge any battery to a lower voltage that is considered safe and suitable to the particular chemistry of the battery or as specified by the manufacturer. This is particularly important in delicate Lithium based hobby and high powered LED torch batteries.
When using in radio control hobby applications and in the event of a crash, examine the battery very carefully for any defects before re-using and follow previous safety precautions of storage and handling of the batteries.
If the internal contents of the battery make contact with your skin, wash the affected area(s) with water and soap immediately. If the content come in contact with your eye(s), flush them with generous amounts of water for 15 minutes and seek immediate medical attention.

Further Batteries Terms

All instructions, warranties and other collateral documents are subject to change at the sole discretion of RVMega.
RVMega makes no warranty or representation, express or implied about non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose of a product. The purchaser acknowledges that they alone have determined that the product will suitably meet the requirements of the purchasers intended use.
RVMega shall not be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages, losses of profit or production or commercial loss in any way connected with the product, whether such claims are based in contract, warranty, negligence or strict liability.
In no event shall the liability of exceed the individual price of the products on which liability is asserted. RVMega does not have any control over use, setup, final assembly, modification or misuses. No liability shall be assured or accepted for any resulting damage or injury. By the act of use, setup and final assembly the user accepts all resulting liability. If you as the purchaser or the user are not prepared to accept the liability associated with the use of this product, you are advised to return this product immediately in new and unused condition to the place of purchase.