Water saver shower head – worth it or not?

This may seem trivial, but a water saver shower head is worth much more than meets the eye.

In this post we will look at the pros and cons of a water saver pressure boost shower head. These shower heads have  300 super fine holes through which the water is forced. In return it boosts the pressure and uses up to 30% less water. It is an amazing experience as opposed to the normal shower heads.

In this post we look at the pros and cons, price and value of this amazing little item. I also list a few tips on fitting and cleaning.

Water Saver Shower Head – Pros and Cons

There is not much to lose in buying one of these shower heads.     Water Saver Head



  • It fits most standard showers
  • Jsut screw it on by hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Good quality chrome finish with stainless steel diffuser
  • Light weight
  • Cheap


  • The more dirt in the water the more you will need to clean it (Filters recommended)
  • May need an adapter if you have a strange fitting
  • May need to filter water if shower pores clog often

I’ve had this shower head for approximately 2 years in the RV. It has saved us so much water our normal refill time stretched by about 20%. It does not seem a lot but where you had to fill every 10 days, you can now go for over 12 days.

Shower head maintenance

There is hardly any maintenance on these. If you find water spraying in weird directions or some streams seem to be blocked, simply unscrew the head. Grab it by the top end and shake out all the water through the inlet. You may find debris/scale coming out. Refit and test.

You may need to repeat this step to clear out all dirt. If there are still blocked holes, try and force water through from the outside by pressing the diffuser plate tight up against a tap. This should clear any blocked holes.

If it is still blocked in severe cases, you may need to find a thin steel wire (from a wire brush) to poke through the blocked hole.

We use filters on our system and only need to give the shower head a quick rinse approximately once every 3 months.

Shower head buying options

The shower head can be purchased seperate for those that have existing showers and just want to upgrade.

Option 2 is to get the complete set including shower head, hose and adjustable holder in a kit.

Click the picture below to go to the price options.

Shower Head Price


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2 thoughts on “Water saver shower head – worth it or not?”

  1. Hi Henry, welcome to RVMega. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Being a long time RVer myself, I can promise you that this water saver shower head is every bit as good as it sounds. I would never have been able to manage trips that we’ve done, without it. Water is your most valuable item and this is by far the easiest way to get the greatest saving – and that for such a small investment.

    Wish you all the best and hope to hear from you again soon.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi! I have always been a fan of water saving hacks. And we put them in practice at home merely because of our own self-discipline. Water conservation is a worthwhile mission.

    But when we are on the road, and depending on our RV’s 50 gallons tank, water saving is our only option. Forget about 30-minute, singalong showers.

    With this in mind I have started to search for a few things that would help us when we’re out freedom camping. And a water saver shower head is a must. I’m surprised how much water is spent when we’re taking a bath. Some even state that the average American uses 20 gallons in the shower daily. And that’s unacceptable on the road. My family and I would spend much less than that. But even in “saving mode” water is still an important point to consider on each trip. If this water shower can use 30% less water, it constitutes a huge benefit. And the family will love the normal refill time stretch.

    I also appreciate the easy tips you have given concerning maintenance. And I like it’s easy to fit too! Thank you very much for this great suggestion. I definitely need one.

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