Natural Cure for Sleep Apnea – Updated!

How to get rid of  Sleep Apnea

What a subject on an RV site you may think!

After all not so strange, taking into account the size of an RV and how snoring can impact everyone, I think a natural cure for sleep apnea is a subject worth exploring. Read on for the latest easy and sure fix (This one works – Tested and approved by RVMega)!

This post is a little different to the norm, I am kindly requesting you, the reader, to tell about your snoring and sleep apnea situation in the comments area below. That will be so interesting to hear your stories!

My story

Yip, I have one too! It goes like this: I wake up in the morning, not well rested and with a broken rib where I got an elbow reminder around midnight to stop snoring. The alternative is to save my ribs and stay awake all night not to snore. No need to wake up either…

So, I asked my wife to please get an answer to this dilemma. After a very very long search, she found the answer. Simple, effective and affordable.

So, no more snoring in our motorhome, no more broken ribs and no more sleepless nights.

Is there a cure for sleep apnea?

sleep apnea

The short answer is YES!


What is sleep apnea?

In layman’s terms, what happens is that your tongue and jaw muscles relax and the back throat tissue sags down into the airway as your mouth opens, effectively suffocating yourself.


1.One very odd way to prevent it is to strap a tennis ball to your lower back. That way, you cannot lie on your back, it is just too uncomfortable. However, that sounds too much like torture to me. So I didn’t even test that option. I wanted an answer without sacrificing my sleeping position.

2. Another option is the CPAP Machine. At $450 to $800 and an inverter and generator running all night to drive it, this was no option at all in our books. It is cheaper having your ribs repaired. :))

3. Losing weight.

4. Wear a chin strap.


Tennis Ball Anti-Snoring option

I’ve seen some Tennis Ball Anti-Snoring T-shirts around. It is a T-shirt or sleep shirt with a pocket in the middle at the lower back. You slip a ball, like a tennis ball or similar into the pocket and apparently it will hurt enough so that you won’t sleep on your back.

If that sounds like an option to you, give it a try and please leave a comment after your first night. I’d love to hear it, and so will many of our customers.


What is a CPAP machine?

CPAP face mask
Attr: Zboralski for taking and sharing the picture. Lic:

A CPAP machine looks similar to an oxygen mask that someone in ICU wears to try and stay alive.


It is not fun to wear when you are awake, imagine what it may be like to try and sleep with that attached to your face.

An acquaintance of mine is still using a CPAP machine and I can recite his daily complaints by heart already.

Just a few days ago he told me what an issue it is when the oxygen runs out; the discomfort not being able to sleep on your stomach and always having to roll over on your back while trying to keep the oxygen hose from getting tangled. That cannot be fun.


The natural cures for sleep apnea and snoring that work

Pic credit: Gilad Rom from Israel Lic:

Ever heard a penguin snoring? Why they took so long to figure this out when the penguins had the answer all along LOL!


Having your own tongue and soft tissue suffocating you is probably the best case of self destruction one can get. We needed to find something that could keep your chin up without restricting your sleep patterns.

1. We investigated various options and eventually found this amazing gadget called a chin strap. It is made from a stretchable soft material and attaches to itself with Velcro. This makes it easily adjustable to fit every face and head


2. Losing weight. That’s right, it worked for many obese people. Thereby I am not saying that everyone with sleep apnea is obese. Neither am I saying that losing weight will cure sleep apnea for everyone however the chances are overwhelming in your favor that it will. If you are not overweight and the chin strap does not work for you, please contact us for another option or a refund.


Different chin straps comparisonChin strap

After testing various chin straps, we found that many of the straps were quite uncomfortable compared to others.

Some slip off too easily and others, with a broad chin band tends to suffocate one by putting pressure on the throat. This defeats the whole object. Some are such poor quality that I wouldn’t give it away as a freebie.

The most comfortable and correct fit is a narrow enough strap to keep from strangling you, yet wide enough to keep the chin up properly.


The winner used to be:

This used to be the winner strap but has been superseded below:



It may take a while to get used to the “New Look” when you see you partner in the semi-dark at night (or yourself in a mirror for that matter)! Please refrain from attacking :)).

Chin strap

The New Winner is:

After continued testing of chin straps we found a new winner. The problem with the last one is the fact that it tends to slip off your head when turning or shifting your head on the pillow. With the latest winner strap, that problem is solved and it also has a shaped chin pad which is really narrow. It has a Valcro joint at the back as well as the one on top which makes it hard to slip when turning at night.

I had a good night’s sleep from the first night wearing this one. We found it to be the most comfortable and fit for the job.

How it works

By keeping your mouth closed, the back throat tissue cannot drop down into the airway. You may still hear deep breathing but that hideous snoring instantly disappears and no more of those gasps for air just before they carry you off to the morgue.

It is safe and cheap (Less than a CPAP machine LOL). I found that after a few nights of using it, you actually feel uncomfortable without it. The soft fabric makes it very comfortable to wear.

It is easy to clean – just throw it in the wash but refrain from tumble drying. It will end the life of the strap. Neoprene does not like heat. Best to let it dry on the line and it is a good idea to have a spare in case something happens to it.

Some free extras

  1. No more gob on the pillow
  2. No more broken ribs
  3. Proper rest
  4. Happy family
  5. Enjoyable vacations, travel and RV life
  6. Super light weight and small for travelers
  7. No more waking the neighbors

For your first purchase, get another 10% discount on top of the intro offer by using promo code RVM399 at checkout when buying 2 or more. Click here for details.

Thanks for your time and remember to tell us your snoring stories!

2 thoughts on “Natural Cure for Sleep Apnea – Updated!”

  1. Hi, Noah! I have been researching about this sleep apnea topic. And to sum it up, this is what I have found:

    There are three different classes of sleep apnea.
    1. Obstructive sleep apnea: this is the most common one and it’s the one you have been describing here on your post. It occurs when throat muscles relax and thus tongue and soft tissue suffocate us.
    2. Central sleep apnea: and this one is a bit more difficult to treat because it occurs when our brain doesn’t send appropriate signals to the muscles that control breathing.
    3. Complex sleep apnea syndrome: it occurs when a person has both mentioned above.

    Now, because obstructive sleep apnea is the most common, it’s nice to know it has an easy fix. Thanks for searching for the best chin strip. I like that you have been upgrading your recommendations and we can easily follow your suggestion.

    This chin strip with this shaped chin pad looks really comfortable. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Wow, thanks for the detailed information Henry. Yes, I am aware of the other breathing issues. The complex sleep apnea syndrome can be cured in most cases if you go to It is mostly a self inflicted brain disturbance. It is not directly addressed but it is very similar to the videos you can see there.

      I still sleep with the chin strap and has never had snoring issues again. One gets used to the strap very quickly and it is comfortable. Worth a try if someone complains about your snoring ha-ha-ha.

      Best regards

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