Natural Treatment for Insect Bites

Wow, we have just completed the testing of this absolutely AMAZING device. Here follows the low down details of the test results and the benefits of a Violet Ray Machine as one of the best natural treatments for insect bites. This is another Must Have for the RVer, Motorhomer, or Tiny House owner in the boondocks.


What is it?

A Violet Ray High Frequency Machine is a device that uses a Tesla coil to generate a frequency that causes ozone (oxygen) generation. That said, you may be aware that for some serious illnesses they sometimes put a person in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

High frequency violet ray generator

Just as they sometimes get amazing results with the oxygen chamber, it is a given that this machine, working on a similar principle (by creating oxygen in the blood in small quantities) will have amazing effects on many ailments.


What is a Tesla coil?

For the more tech savvy, a Tesla coil is a coil that generates high voltage, high frequency and low alternating current.

A Tesla coil was designed by the famous Nikola Tesla in 1891. Jacques-Arsène d’Arsonval, a French physician, took the coil and incorporated it in an experimental unit for medical purposes. Apparently, it worked extremely well, so well that a certain administration banned and confiscated the apparatus after it became popular amongst the people.

It was recently redesigned, legalized by the FDA and manufactured. The D’Arsonval Violet Ray Generator is now available on site for everyone.


Tests Conducted

Mosquito Bites

We acquired this unit and started to test it on various skin issues. The first was mosquito bites. The average local mosquito bite is quite itchy and turns into a purple bump on the skin in most cases. Three bites were immediately treated by just floating the wand over the areas for approx 45 seconds each. Thereafter, it was treated similarly another 2 times over the next 2 days.

Mosquito bite on ankle after first treatment: Slightly red mark straight in line with ear bud.



Itchiness disappeared almost immediately and did not return.

Swelling went down and no purple or red discoloration occurred.

By day 5, the bite marks were hard to find.

Sand Fly Bites

The average local sand fly bite is quite itchy and turns into a reddish bump on the skin in most cases. The itch seems to return at set intervals of 8 to 24 hours. The itch lasts for 2 to 20 minutes and subsides until the next occurrence. Two bites were treated by floating the wand over the areas for approx 45 seconds each. Thereafter, it was treated similarly another 2 times over the next 2 days.


Itchiness disappeared within seconds and did not return.

Swelling went down and the red discoloration and swelling subsided.

By day 3, the double bite marks were observed as tiny red dots.

By day 4, marks were hard to track.


Canker Sores

A Canker sore was treated (on myself). The sore was 2 days old, well-developed and very sensitive. The sore was treated for approximately 30 seconds every evening for 4 days.


Sensitivity disappeared within seconds.

Swelling went down and the blister shrunk by about 30% within 5 minutes.

The next day, some sensitivity returned to the one side of the blister but the size stayed at 70%. By day 3, the blister was down to around 50% of its original size and the sensitivity was gone.

By day 4, the blister was gone and a tiny red spot was still visible.

Day 5, without any more treatment, the blister was completely gone with no trace left.


More Amazing Results

Nausea / Liver Treatment

I witnessed a person with a severe case of nausea and liver pain use the Violet Ray Machine on herself. She used it for about 15 minutes, and repeated after 15 minutes rest. There was almost instant relief from the nausea and after the second round, the pain was gone and she could get up and carry on with her day as normal. This must be the most significant case I have experienced to date.

Lots of people have experienced hair regrowth and returning of their hair color. Don’t fade to gray, let the gray fade!



This machine really works, and fast at that! For a skeptic like myself to say that, takes some doing. I am a sucker for goods that work. Best of all, there are no side effects when used correctly. The worst that can happen is minor skin burn when held in one spot for too long.

This will only happen if the area you are treating has an insensitivity to heat, else you will surely feel the tingle. That is why we put every item through a lot of tests and trials. That keeps you, the customer happy and us too.


What does this have to do with RV life?

In short, A LOT!

Let me explain. We have been on trips through places where you don’t see any humans nor man-made stuff for days, like for instance, deep inside the Namib desert. Those kinds of places are loved by RVers, Motorhomers and Trailer Travelers.

Those are also the places where you can easily get bitten by some unknown spider or insect. Those are the times when you are your own GP, nurse, surgeon and natural healer. Those are the times you would pull your hair out for not having one of these machines. It is like medical insurance in a sense.

So, there you are, yet another “must have” RV gadget is the Violet Ray Machine which is compact, lightweight and super multipurpose!

If you would like to grab one of these while our stocks last at the special intro price, just click here.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Treatment for Insect Bites”

  1. This is one of the reasons I have bookmarked your site and continually check it out. You only recommend products you have tested yourself. I’ve always liked how you honestly only share the best.

    These RV gadgets make a huge difference. And I’m especially interested in avoiding health issues, so I know that a product like Violet Ray High Frequency Machine is a “must”.

    Visiting these amazing sites is one of the pleasures of life. And now not having to deal with the consequences of mosquito bites, makes it even more enjoyable.

    1. Hi Henry, welcome. I am glad to be of service to you. That is our goal. I cannot tell you how many time our violet ray machine has come to the resque since. It amazes me still every time we get such great results with it. Stomach and liver seem to love this machine. Headaches are relieved or disappear completely within 5 to 30 minutes depending on severity.

      By the way, have you seen the new anti drowning device we now have in stock? Amazing gadget.
      Have fun and hope to hear from you soon.

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