8kW Swelter Hurricane Diesel Heater – ONE PER ORDER!!!


8kW RV Diesel Heater for motorhomes, holiday homes, flats, houses, buses and caravans.

Available on backorder


Planning to go to a cold area?  Life is so much more enjoyable in a motorhome with one of these Swelter heaters.

Fuel consumption: 180ml/h (low setting) to 395ml/h (max). At current diesel prices you don’t need to be cold in your motorhome again – it works out cheaper than wood!

It comes with an addvanced digital display controller. It shows current temperature and desired temperature and lots of other usefull information as well as error codes.

The heater runs very quiet and a silencer is included for inlet and exhaust to further dampen external noise if needed.

This comes with full installation kit
Package contents:
1 x Air Heater
1 x Silencer
1 x LCD Thermostat
1 x Remote Control
1 x Tank(10L)
1 x Intake Pipe
1 x Exhaust Pipe
1 x Wire Bundle
1 x Vent
1 x Air Outlet Duct
1 x Diesel Pump
1 x Fixed Plate
1 x Diesel Fuel Line
1 x Diesel Filter
1 x Set Fasteners
1 x Installation Diagram

Top quality Swelter Diesel Heaters are NZ Tested and approved by RVMega


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