Ceramic Infrared Single Plate Hob Stainless Steel


Low power consumption and excellent super fast heat transfer. Don’t waste time behind the stove, get the job done.

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This cook top uses Infrared Technology. It is much faster than conventional hotplates. Unlike induction cook tops which require special cookware, this hotplate works with stainless steel, copper, aluminium glass(Pyrex) and enamel cookware alike.


Operating Instructions:

Plug it in.
Place cookware of your choice onto the glass surface.
Turn the knob to your desired heat level.
When finished cooking, unplug the cooktop and wait for it to cool (minimum 15 min).
Once cooled, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Warning: Never use petrol products or harsh/abrasive cloths or soaps to clean your cooktop burner, it may scratch the surface or damage the unit.

Power indicator (240V)
Thermo fuse for safety
Power: 1200W
Stainless steel housing
High strength crystallite glass plate,
Thermostat controlled.
Any pots can be used.
Easy clean rounded edge cook top.
Burner diameter 180mm

Dimensions: 295x230x75mm
Energy-saving , environment-friendly
Use much less power than conventional hot plate and heats much faster – Ideal for using in campsites or inverter power.

New Zealand tested and approved by RVMega


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