Crucial Spares and Accessories to Carry on Your RV Trip

Let us have a look at which spare parts are important to accompany you on an RV boondock trip. Of course traveling light is always the aim, so one cannot just take loads of parts along. Having travelled extensively through the Southern parts of Africa in various 4×4 vehicles and living in an RV permanently for over 10 years, has taught me a few things which I will  share in this post.

Most Crucial

1. Water

Water is by far the most important substance that you take on a trip. Make 100% sure that you have an adequate amount of water and on top of that I suggest you get one of these purifiers: Water-purifier

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Tires are no1 on my list. There’s just nothing that makes you feel more helpless than running out of replacement tires in the middle of the Namib Desert. Plan your trip well and take at least 2 spare wheels if you possibly can. IF you can’t, get yourself a tire repair kit like this one


How to do it correctly

I have used these when working at a mower shop and never had any issues with it. It worked perfectly every time. It is quick, easy and clean. If you have the reamer ready when removing the nail from the tire, many times you can save the pressure by working right and fast.

As you remove the nail, insert the reamer. Work the reamer up and down in the hole but do not remove. Get the plug ready. Immediately insert the plug as you remove the reamer.  Slide the plug down the hole about 2/3rds or 3/4 way. No, with one quick jerk, rip the tool out from the hole. The plug will stay behind and immediately seal the puncture.

3. Emergency Kit

This is a given. You need basic emergency equipment. I will start the list with the D’Arsonval Violet Ray machine. This is no small matter. These machines can assist in fixing hundreds of ailments from spider bites to joint pain and everything in-between.

It is inevitable to go boon docking and not get chomped by some or other critter. It is one of those things. Be prepared. For more on this machine, see the post.

Bicarb of Soda is a must. It sorts out heaps of ailments and keeps your body alkaline. This alone  fights most sicknesses.

Aloe Vera Gel is great for sunburn, skin rashes, insect bites etc.


4. Emergency Food

Being prepared in an emergency is worth the  effort. When it happens, you’ll know what I’m talking about, especially if you haven’t done it!

For emergency food, I tend to keep rotating a stash of dried fruit. Fig rolls or dried figs go a long way. Raisins and basically any  dried fruit is great. It doesn’t take up much space nor weight. It lasts in warm conditions and has a lengthy shelf life.

Dried meat, when done correctly, can last for years.

Dried lentils and chickpeas can also be stowed for years. Make sure the packaging is good. It can easily get infested with mites.

Spare Parts

Depending how remote your trip is going to be, I can suggest a set of starter brushes. It is small and light and without a starter on a heavy vehicle, you can be stranded right where you are for a long time.

A spare fan belt can save the day. It is not too bulky nor expensive. Many engines are designed so that the belt drives the alternator and water pump of which both are detrimental to the engine when out of action.


Starting-battery charging system is next on the list. I have 2 dedicated solar panels for the starting battery. I also keep a good lithium jumper pack handy. It is a great tool. It has a built-in flashlight with various settings like strobe for an emergency.

Lithium Jump Starter Power Pack also charges mobile phone and other equipment

It is light, small powerful and keeps a charge for 6 months or more when fully charged and in good condition.


I tend to keep an electronic fridge thermostat in stock too. If the fridge thermostat goes, you can lose a lot of food. The thermostat is compact, light and cheap. It is also easy to install as long as your fridge has an interior light.

Battery candle

An led candle working off 2 x AA batteries or similar can be of great value when picking up issues with your solar power system on the RV. It can light up your kitchen area while preparing food or the engine compartment when doing repairs at night. It lasts very long, is very small and light and cheap.



Go prepared! You’ll be glad you did!

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