Rust fix, rusty wheel refurbishing

Re-paint of steel wheel rims

This weekend I inspected the wheels on my bus (motor home) to see how the last re-paint held up.

This is how it was done:

First, I water-blasted the wheels. Then I applied a coat of CRC rust converter.

Once that dried off, I painted over it with a plain  Metallic Silver Enamel aerosol.

This was done on the left side.

On the right side, after applying the Rust Converter, I first coated with Zinc It silver paint. Once that dried, I applied a cote of Silver enamel for the “look”.

It is approximately 10 months ago that this job was completed.


I found that the wheels coated with Zinc It, held up better than the others. No rust spots appeared at all, whereas the other wheels showed hundreds of tiny rust spots.

So this weekend I decided to do the whole job again, but this time I coated all the wheels with Zinc It before the final Silver coat. I found this Zinc Rich Cold Galv Primer on Amazon which sounds to be the right thing to use. If anyone has tried this Cold Galv (below) before, it would be great to get your comments on it. (Note: the price is for a dozen).

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