6 Amp 12 Volt Smart Charger


Input Voltage: 110V-240V
Output Voltage: 12V
Rated Frequency: 47-63HZ
Charger Current: 5-6A
Charger Mode: Three-phase
Full load efficiency: ≥ 87{262c4d4d145dbb09e15d66e1d0a4714efbd3fe03f0c909340ebbfe16f9f135c7}
Working Temperature: -40~+95 ℃
Certification: ISO,CTA,CE
Application: lead-acid batteries, gel batteries
Size: 152*60*78(mm)
Micro MCU controller to manage the charging process.
Three-phase charging (PWM charging mode)
With auto battery detection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, Anti – reverse connecting protection,etc.

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