2kW Swelter Sirocco Diesel Heater – SUPER SALE- 1 Per Customer!


2Kw Swelter Sirocco Diesel Heater will heat up to 40 cubic meters. That is equivalent to a big bedroom (4m wide x 5m long x 2m high ceiling). No more cold nights!

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  • These amazing Swelter diesel heaters really make life so much more enjoyable in a motorhome. Fuel consumption: 2kW 120ml/h (low setting) to 250ml/h (max).
  • At current diesel prices you don’t need to be cold in your motorhome again – it works out cheaper than wood!
  • The controller has 2 modes. You either set the temperature you desire and the heater will control and keep the temperature within a 2 to 4 degree Celsius range by switching off and on when upper and lower limits are reached or the second option is to choose the percentage power from 30 to 100. The heater will continue running at that power setting non stop.
  • The heater runs very quiet and silencers are available for inlet and exhaust if needed.
  • This comes with full installation kit including fuel pump, ducting, T-piece, base plate, fuel line, exhaust pipe, wiring and controller

NZ Tested and approved by RVMega


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