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Are you wondering what to buy for Christmas presents? This is a common problem that is getting solved right away – Best gifts boat owners, beach lovers, surfers, swimmers, fishermen and all water sport.

Why do we give gifts anyway? Because we care! The greatest gift one can have is the gift of life. So often, that gift is lost. What I mean by that, is explained in the next paragraph, so check it out!


Gifts RV Owners Christmas

Most RV owners (especially in New Zealand) love the beach, ocean, swimming, surfing and fishing. You’re surrounded by 15 000 kilometres of coastline That is the 9th longest in the world.


One great thing about it is that you can never go wrong with a gift that can save life when someone gets into trouble in the water, be it a pool, river or the ocean.

So often, mom and dad or the grand parents are stressed out trying to look after the youngsters playing somewhere on the beach. They can get into the surf at any time. A wave can hit or a current or rip can swoop you away.


There were 92 recreational and non-recreational preventable recorded drowning fatalities in New Zealand in 2017. That is an increase of roughly 12%, compared to 2016.


Where there’s water, risk increases exponentially for the simple reason, humans can not breathe under water and to stay afloat drains your energy. This combination is deadly if you get into any kind of trouble.


My own experience

I’ll describe an incident that happened to myself. We visited Malawi on the east coast of Africa. We were camping at lake Malawi. A friend’s yacht was moored on the lake and I was curious to see the vessel. From the beach, it looked like a short distance, so I decided to swim to the yacht.


Without any further ado, I jumped into the lake and started to make my way towards the yacht. It was a calm sunny day. What can go wrong? Although young and fit at the time, I was not a regular long distance swimmer.

I noticed after a while that I was not approaching the yacht at the speed I endeavoured at first. Slowly my arms started getting tired. I felt my breath starting to race and lungs burning.

I had to make a decision quick. Do I turn back or keep going? With effort, I looked back at the shore and it seemed like I was passed the halfway mark. Turning back is not an option. I pushed on. My arms went slower and slower and I was already at the limit for my lung capacity. I only took a glimpse of the yacht every tenth stroke to keep my direction, dropping my hands like balls of lead into the water. I was moving slower and slower with my body dragging deeper in the water.

My lungs felt like a bush fire inside. I was in mental conversation with myself to keep going. I tried to turn on my back to keep my mouth above water, now gasping for air. I didn’t float!

In a last burst, I flipped over again, with my arms feeling like two lead poles, dragging myself against the resistance of the lake to the surface. A massive gasp for air and lungs that now cramp and pain continuously, I lunged forward in a final attemp.

I felt something against my shoulder – the achor chain! I grasped it, pulled myself to the surface again and just hung on for life. After what felt like minutes, my breath returned and the severe lung aching dissipated. I made it, I JUST made it!

If it wasn’t for my bodybuilding training, where we learned to push ourselves beyond our mental threshold, I most likely would not have been here to tell the story.

One thing I can assure you, with this little gadget on offer here below, the whole excursion would have been so different.

When I came accross this item, I knew that it is a much needed and affordable item for everyone – not that you can put a price to life really. In a dangerous situation in the water, this gadget can be worth millions.


Pros and Cons

Lets have a look at what it is and how it works

There may be lots of cool gifts for RV owners, but none that I came across can match the necessity for this one.

It is a self inflating, anti drown floatation device in the form of a wrist/arm band.

It has a lever on the side that you flick and it will inflate within 3 seconds. Note: It does not pop like an airbag that will cause injury. It is specially designed to inflate over a 3 second period which is quick enough to get you out of the deep and slow enough so it won’t cause any harm.



The ideal gift – it is small, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

When you need it most, and don’t have it, it may be too late for regrets.

Much more peace of mind than without it – for those wearing it and those staying on the beach.

The bag can be re-used multiple times.

The canister is very easy to replace.

You can get rechargeable canisters.

Disposable canisters are quite cheap.



You need to replace the canister after use (disposable type).

You need to repack the bag as per illustration included for the next use.


Best gifts boat lovers

Show the kids how to use it! Let them try it once at least while in the water.


It is only a few dollars a try – nothing in comparison with the value of a life!

Get yours now!

Remember to leave your terrifying experience in the comments below so we can all learn from it.


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