Free standing toilet roll holder – Storage of spare toilet paper rolls

First of all, when looking at toilet paper holders, one has to decide what you need else you can spend days hunting the wrong stuff – almost like barking up the wrong tree! In this post we will look at the pros and cons of toilet paper holders and the differences between the fixed and portable ones.

Which is right for you?

The main difference between the portable and fixed rv toilet paper holder is this: A fixed toilet paper holder usually holds a single or double roll of paper ready for immediate dispensing.

A portable toilet paper holder – as seen above, holds more than 1 roll and is rather a toilet roll storage canister than a dispenser. It is free standing and can be moved and stored anywhere you like. If you find a nice looking one, it can be a positive addition to the bathroom for spare toilet rolls. It can be VERY handy as a backup when the paper runs out in the fixed holder.


What to look for in a portable holder

It may be necessary that the holder should be water tight. Especially if the toilet and shower or bath are in the same room, you do not want the paper to go soggy.

If the holder is free-standing, it may fall over when driving. Again you need a proper fitting lid that won’t just come off and let the rolls create havoc in the bathroom. Ever tried to redo a roll that unrolled? Not the choicest way of spending time – even when you’re bored it’s probably better to watch paint dry.

Other Considerations for Portable Holders

Some people like metal ones, some don’t mind plastic or may prefer plastic for its light weight. If the portable holder is in a secure position, a modern metal toilet roll holder can add to the theme and color of the room. These days you find different size toilet rolls. It may be wise to get a holder that can fit the “Long Rolls” (270 sheets, 3 ply, 100mm x105mm).

The diameter of one of these rolls I measured at approx 130mm. Off course price is a consideration for some people although it is not a high price item.

The job is not complete untill the paperwork is done

​Where and how to buy a toilet paper holder online can be a nightmare. However, seeing you have come this far, we can make it easy for you. This link wil take you to an Amazon page with Mega Roll Holders at great prices you can choose from:​

Also try the search (above left) on this website for possible items you may like to buy.

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