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Now for that long awaited test report on the new replacement RV Refrigerator

This is a follow-up of my previous post regarding my motorhome fridge/freezer that stopped working.

At  first I considered a used RV fridge. The options were very limited as I needed to fill the old fridge space as best possible. Looking at sub zero refrigerator prices that almost had my eyeballs pop, I was left with no other option but to find another brand which could do the job and be reliable and affordable.

We went for a fridge hunt that will make “Raiders of the Lost Ark” look a a cartoon. After an exhausting search from Canada to Australia, we found what we were looking for.


The ultimate RV refrigerator

Once we identified the fridge that seemed like the best replacement, we imported it. It took time once more and we had to play the waiting game. It finally arrived and I was totally amazed at how super light it was. Of course that is a great benefit as an RV refrigerator.

We got it into position and stood it upright for 24 hours. This is done to drain any oil that may have gotten into the gas lines, back into the compressor housing.

The great moment arrived to switch it on for the first time…

It started up quietly with a soft hiss from the cooling fan. Within less than a minute, small ice crystals were noticeable in the freezer  compartment. Shortly after, the same was noticed on the back panel inside the fridge.

We loaded it with groceries of all kinds, as one does with a fridge. I also slipped our Thermometer into the fridge as well. It took about 12 hours to get a stable temperature because everything we put into the fridge as well as the fridge itself, were at room temperature. Once it stabilized, I could tune the temperature dial to take the fridge down to 3 degrees.

What was most interesting is how little power this fridge used in comparison to the old one. If I could get this fridge installed when the motorhome was built, I would not have had to fit that many solar panels.

By 9:00 to 9:30 am, on sunny days, the solar charged goes onto the float cycle which means that the battery is fully charged after the power draw from the fridge during the night. What peace of mind!

The freezer and fridge compartment doors can be locked for traveling. It comes with 2 keys and the lock is very neatly and conveniently placed as can be seen in the pictures. The lock drives a pin through both doors and a catch that is bolted to the frame between the 2 doors.

Temperature Analysis

Back to the temperature, with ambient at 24.5 degrees and the fridge at 3 degrees, the freezer measured -18 degrees.

Fridge test

That is awesome to say the least. We quickly filled the freezer with some freshly caught fish and 6 x 1 liter tubs of ice-cream. We were so used to soft – almost melted – ice cream from the previous freezer, that we were totally gobsmacked when trying to dish ice-cream from this unit. It was solid, like ice-cream should be.



After having to defrost the previous fridge almost once a month, I feel totally spoilt with the new one. The heat-exchanger was cleverly placed behind the back panel. You can notice a few water drops against the panel but there is never a build-up that needs defrosting.

The freezer compartment shows a little build-up but again, much less than the old unit due to the hidden heat exchanger. It has been running for two months non stop and no need for defrosting.


Overall Rating

Summer has arrived and I only needed to nudge the temperature control up by 1/4 notch to keep it at 3 degrees. This is normal and was expected to happen. Overall, this fridge is a camper’s dream, not only for the excellent operation but the price is phenomenal for what you get.

The pros

  1. Works like a good fridge should!
  2. Lightweight
  3. Quiet
  4. Modern look
  5. Good size (178L total, 39L freezer, 139L fridge)
  6. Excellent power efficiency (85Watt)
  7. Low maintenance
  8. Easy cleaning (No heat-exchangers inside unit. Smooth silver painted finish on outside)
  9. 12 or 24 VDC with low voltage disconnect for battery protection
  10. Travel lock with keys
  11.  Excellent value for money


  1. A little more work to fit because it is not a “built-in” fridge. (The work is done once, the fridge is used for years, so it is really not much of a con).
  2. Freezer not frost free.

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